Turf Mat

Artificial Turf mat are made from special polymer tufts that scrape stubborn dirt and muck off your footwear thus keeping harmful germs outside your home as well as looking like as natural grass.

Artificial Grass Mat/ PE Grass Mat

Item: Artificial / PE Grass Mat
Material: PE
Width*Length 1.2m*10m, 0.9m*15m, 0.6m*15m, 1m*15m
Thickness: 1.4±0.1mm
Backing: PP Non Woven Fabric
Color: Red, Green, Blue, Gray, Beige, Burgundy, Black
Packing: PE Bag Inside, PP Woven Bag Outside


1. Scrapes the dirt ,Antislip & Waterproof, easy to clean
2. PE recyclable material, environment friendly
3. Easy to lay on any solid surface, Increases Life of Flooring Surfaces
4. Easy Maintenance compare to natural grass
5. Weather tolerance & hard wearing
6. Multipurpose Usage

7. Excellent scrubbing

8. Temperature resistant


Very suitable for all indoor & Outdoor places like -

1. General application:

Corporate Offices, Hospitals, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Showrooms, Restaurants, Airports, Theaters, Trains, Terrace gardens, balconies, Drive ways & sidewalks, Around Swimming pools, Golf courses, Tennis courts.

2. Industrial application:

Gold mining, besides the Engine Assembly where spill-age of oil & grease are inevitable

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