Ribbed Carpet

Application: Interior, Rooms, Offices, Pool Sides, buis Coaches, Docks, Automobiles, Tent House, Exhibitions, Wall Paneling, Cineplex’s & anywhere your creativity work.

The PP Rib Carpet range of fiber-bonded carpets set new standards in cost effectiveness, durability & aesthetics. Rib carpets offer several unique features like excellent fiber bonding through total features like excellent fiber bonding through total impregnation, high resistance to stains, anti-static thermal & insulation properties & the widest & most attractive range of fashionable colors. Thus, Rib Carpets offer you the best value for money!

Installation & Cleaning

The surface where the carpet is being laid should be clean and even to avoid undue wear and tear. Underlay must be used on uneven floors. Vacuum cleaning is recommended for optimum results. Brushing/Brooming can be done in case of non-availability of vacuum cleaner. Stains should be attended to immediately, before they penetrate and dry up. Absorbing cloth may be used for spilt liquids.

Do not use hard or abrasive chemicals. Dry in shade.


Widest range of shades are available as on the shade card. Due to limitations of dye technology, colors may slightly vary form batch to batch.

Technical specification & Performance Ribbed Carpet

Description 100% Polypropylene
Weight 1100gms/ Sq.Mtr
Thicknes 5.0 mm
Width 1.53Mtr.(5Ft), 1.83Mtr.(6Ft), 2.00Mtr(6.6Ft)
Roll Length App. 40 Mtr.

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